Gif Challenge

  1. Open your gif folder
  2. Use every 3rd gif
  3. No cheating

1) Parent’s reaction at your birth

2) your first day home

3)Your first memory

4) Your first birthday

5) Learning how to walk

6) First day at school

7) Learning there is no santa

8) First friend

9) First day of middle school

10) First day of highschool

11) reaction to scary freshman rumors

12) How your best friend sees you

13) How you see your best friends

14) How your enemies see you

15) Learning to drive

16) reaction of graduation

17) Reaction to getting into the college you wanted

18) When you graduate from college

19) when you get your dream job

20) What you do at your job

21) Getting married

22) Reaction to having your first child

23) When you retire from your job

24) Reaction to your kids sending you to a nursing home

25) how you die

26) How people react to your funeral

27) you in the afterlife